I think Seasonal Color Analysis can be used for home decoration as well. I believe that our best colors make not just our looking great but our living space more comfortable and more gorgeous.
Your seasonal color palette determines your basic style characteristics too.
So Spring people have romantic, Summers have the classic, Autumns have natural and Winters have dramatic style and there are the combinations of course.

In this topic, I will show you color palette ideas and rooms according to the seasonal colors and styles that could be suitable for everyone’s home decoration.

Color palette ideas for Warm Spring women's home decoration
I collected the palettes from design-seeds.com
flower // sunglasses // sunflower // bowls


Let’s see the home decor tips for Warm Springs

As you may know, this seasonal palette has light, warm and rich colors like beige, cream, brown, red, coral, orange, turquoise, soft blue or olive green. And the style of this palette is a combination of romantic and natural elements
Romantic style can be feminine, chic and pretty but the natural influence makes it more effortless and cozy.
The best basic colors for wall and big furniture: are cream, soft white, camel, and light or medium brown.
For decorating items: imagine lots of fresh flowers in vases and many green plants, wood tables, leather armchairs, lace, fur or knitted covers, rustic or bohemian atmosphere or gold candle-holders.


pink, orange and yellow living room
cosy beige bedroom with flower photo
green, beige and gold detailed living room
romantic and bohemian living room details
colorful and natural living room
turquoise, yellow and beige living room
soft and warm bedroom with orange cushions
light and natural living room
modern and cosy living room with brown wall


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What does seasonal color analysis exactly means?
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