Easter is at the corner so I collected a couple of last minute gift ideas for you.


In this third post, I show you some colorful tips that you can give to your Autumn seasonal color friend. Their colors are deep, warm and soft so the little surprises should also have these shades.


For a fashionable gift, you can choose Earth tone colors, brown, bronze, olive or teal eyeshadows, soft orange or brown lipstick and muted nail polish.
The perfumes smell like a rich market with all the spices, the mixture of powerful tree aromas or strong scent exotic flowers.

And the main characteristics of Autumn jewelry are gold, bronze or made from natural material like wood or stones, the style of them is natural or bohemian.


Fashionable gift ideas for Autumn seasonal color women under 50USD
List of the items:

Yves Saint Laurent coral lipstick, $39 / Stila eyeshadow, $49 / H&M 4-pack nail polish-Nude, $7,5 / Deborah Lippmann nail polish trio, $30
 Beyoncé Rise Edp 50ml, $45 / JLo by Jennifer Lopez Eau de perfume, $37
 Laurel Canyon Collective Dangerous  Earrings, $12  / ELYA Goldplated Dyed Chalcedony,Quartz and Ring, $28 / Designs by Adina Neutral Wood Resin & Shell Necklace, $31

☙ ❧

If you friend prefers home decoration items, also choose a deep and warm colored product. For example, you can buy a cheerful yellow mug, chocolate or cinnamon scent candle or soap, rattan or wood storage, a metallic copper or gold candle holder or a rustic vase.

Home decor gift ideas for Autumn seasonal color women under 50USD
List of the items: 

Calypso Basics 2-Quart Enamel-on-Steel Tea Kettle, Lemon Yellow, $26 / Copper Moscow Mule Mug, 20 oz., $20 / Le Creuset Utensil Crock $30 
Change shopping(TM) Vintage Magic Key String Retro Leather Notebook, $6,99 / IMAX Worldwide 8450 Angelico Recycled Glass Vase, $43
Better Homes and Gardens ceramic bath accessory, $8,97 / 3 Piece Set Rattan Glass Candleholders, $43 /  Dulces en Fuego Soap, $6

Tomorrow I will show you exciting gift ideas for Winter seasonal color women.

Are you or your friend is a Warm, a Soft or a Deep Autumn?

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