Winter nature is usually thought to be boring and lack of colors at the first sight but if you combine the right winter shades together you can get lovely, soft or contrasting color palettes
I thought for this month I collect pretty winter color inspiration for Tuesday Hues topic. First, I chose a delicate, kind of pastel color palette with light blue, grayish blue and gray shades. I think these colors are relaxing and sophisticated. 
winter color palette with light blue, greyish blue and grey
As I browse the photos, I found that these hues are generally combined together or with white -all results are awesome. If you feel this color palette a little bit washed-out add some bright decoration items to it like a pink cushion, a yellow vase or a little brown furniture. 
As you will see these shades fit great in every interior style -modern, classic or bohemian- and every room -living room, dining area, bathroom or kids room.
And for last but not least, these colors are basically cool and mostly Summer or Winter seasonal color people will love them because they’re totally meet with their color schemes. 
modern grey, white and blue living room
modern grey and blue living room
rustic grey, blue and white living room
cosy and bohemian dark blue and grey living room
white living room with grey armchair and blue accents
classic grey, blue and white living room
lovely light blue and grey living room with pink accents
clear white, grey and blue bedroom with brown bedside cabinet
soft and cosy grey and light blue bedroom
glamorous grey and blue dining room
grey and light blue kids room
soft grey and blue kids room
elegant white, grey and blue home office
creative grey and blue bathroom details
awesome grey, white and light blue bathroom
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