The Easter holiday is at the corner so I collected and share a couple of ideas and inspiring photos about decoration, Easter eggs, wrapping, delicious desserts and of course outfit tips in the next days.
Today, I show you beautifully painted or decorated colorful Easter eggs. These little Easter items can bring color and spring into your home and your celebration and also could be gifts.
You can use tempera, watercolor, fabrics, twine, decoupage or Washi tapes.

Giving colored Easter eggs as gifts is a widespread tradition in Europe -and of course in other parts of the world. Eggs symbolize fertility, Jesus Christ’s resurrection, and new life.


colorful line Easter eggs with Masking tape
colorful drizzled Easter eggs
colorful, modern and swirly Easter eggs
nearly monochrome watercolor Easter eggs
easy and pastel polka dot Easter eggs
romantic blue colors Easter eggs with paper butterflies
beautiful aqua colored lace eggs
colorful embroidery floss Easter eggs
colorful fabric-covered Easter eggs
pretty Easter eggs with colorful ribbons
colorful decoupage Easter eggs
funny and colorful confetti decorated Easter eggs


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