The winter holiday season has started so it’s time to collect #Christmas decoration ideas.

For this month Tuesday Hues topic, I will show you a couple of lovely and elegant color palettes and combinations that can be easily fit into your home if you choose one of these shades for this jolly event.

Lovely blue Christmas decoration ideas
First, I continue with the blue Christmas decor tips that I started on Sunday with the color palette. 
The navy and bright royal blue colors look great with white and silver but if you would like to warm them choose gold or brown additional shades. 
The white and silver combination match for into Winter seasonal color homes while with gold or brown an Autumn women can decorate.

blue and white Christmas door wreath with deer
blue and white Christmas door wreath
blue and white pinecones for Christmas decoration
pretty blue and silver Christmas decoration
lovely green and blue Christmas candle holders
dark blue and white Christmas drop ornament
blue, white and silver Christmas tree decoration
blue Christmas tree with funny owl top
royal blue and gold Christmas ball ornaments
pretty blue and white Christamas party table decoration
dark blue and gold Christmas table decoration
dark and light blue, white Christmas table decortaion
blue, white, neutral and gold Christmas gifts
blue and gold Christmas gift wrapping

dark blue and silver Christmas gift wrapping
Which color will you use this year for your Christmas decoration? 
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