Last Thursday (25th, April), I was on my first fashion show of a Hungarian brand, called Sugarbird

Established in 2007, it’s ‘ever renewing collections include party dresses, evening and streetwear, mixed with some casual pieces’. Each collection has a famous celebrity face, Hungarian models, singers or TV presenter.
On the evening, nine collections were shown in an old industrial building. While the girls were walking on the multi-story catwalk, famous singers entertained the nearly four-hundred guests.
I was on my first fashion show, Sugarbird collection 2013 S/S
the catwalk of the Sugarbird fashion show


Now let’s see each collection

The first collection was ‘Sugarbird and the City’. On printed T-shirts, we saw some main characteristics of several big Hungarian cities. Average girls, who live in each city, presented the tops.
Sugarbird and the City outfits

The second session was a little bit unusual because the face of it is a Slovakian celebrity. The collection was ‘Pretty Woman’ so first, we saw The Dress, followed by some sexy and hottie clothes: mini and long, black and colorful.
Pretty Woman collection of Sugarbird

The next collection was ‘Love Essence’. We looked at some heart-shaped cuts or prints and neon color dresses, representing leisure elegance. I think one of the maxi dresses, especially the neon one, could be a perfect choice for a beach party. Just check the bottom left picture…
Love Essence collection of Sugarbird


The fourth collection was ‘Flowerbomb’ inspired by world fashion trends. There was no surprise; we saw many floral print clothes – maxi or mini dresses, overalls, pants, tops, and skirts. The pieces of this collection could be used on many occasions even at work; a great example is a white outfit in the bottom middle photo. 

Flowerbomb collection of Sugarbird


The next session was ‘Re-colour it’, the main theme was the color-blocking idea. Therefore, in this collection, we found bright colors with simple cuts. If you are depressed, these dresses can jollify you anytime 🙂
Re-color it collection of Sugarbird

If you love taking pictures this ‘Paparazzi’ collection is made for you. The celebrity face of these clothes was a model earlier but nowadays she works as a photographer so there were cameras and related prints on some tops. The other outfits were simple and elegant.
Paparazzi collection of Sugarbird

This was my favorite collection

Then we found ourselves in Italy because ‘Dolce Vita’ was the next collection. The face of these clothes is my personal favorite. She introduced her collection by riding down the catwalk on her red Vespa. Really cool, isn’t she?
Celebrity face of the Dolce Vita collection of Sugarbird

By the way, her collection was full of polka dots, lace, sexy dresses, and underwear.

Dolce Vita collection of Sugarbird


And here are the last two collections of the fashion show

The eighth session was ‘Rodeo Drive’. We saw some leisure outfits and feminine dresses, of course, some mini and some long versions. The triangle was a returning motive. 


Rodeo Drive collection of Sugarbird


And last but not least, we checked the ‘Starshine’ collection. The face of it is a teenager singer so the main theme was the girlish and funny Smile print on the tops. We saw the simple smile, angel smile, winking and much more varying some balloons. These clothes could be also cheering 🙂


Starshine collection of Sugarbird
The faces of the collections:

the celebrity faces of the Hungarian brand, Sugarbird
the celebrity faces of the Hungarian brand, Sugarbird
• • •

In sum, I enjoyed the show very much 🙂 I saw tons of easily wearable and simply elegant clothes. I think everybody can find her favorite and matching style.

The organization of the event was also excellent. I really liked the place and the usage of the space.  I hope I can check the show of the autumn-winter collection as well 😉

The original source of the pictures is this facebook album.