The winter holiday season is rolling on such at the time of office or family parties. To celebrate this jolly time I created party outfit ideas according to your best seasonal colors and style.

I hope you will like them.



Party outfit tip for Deep Autumns


Pretty holiday party outfit for Deep Autumn seasonal color women

BCBGMAXAZRIA ruched one shoulder cocktail dress, $161 / Shirt A Porter multi-colored blazer, $261 / Office leather pumps, $105 / Abas brown purse, $73 / Lara Bohinc Saturn earrings, $640 / Citizen Swarovski crystal watch, $310 / Michael Kors clear crystal ring, $115

Why the Deep Autumn (Autumn-Winter) outfit works well?


Colors: basic chocolate, deep pine green and deep gold – all are in your color palette and these are matching analogous colors

Style: natural and dramatic so effortless and exciting


  • the effortless and interesting asymmetric dress is really elegant 
  • the sparkling chocolate brown blazer can be worn with many outfits 
  • the dark brown clutch and the pumps are also quite variable and can be basic items of your wardrobe
  • the jewelry is gold, elegant and exciting 

Party outfit for Deep Winters

Pretty holiday party outfit for Deep Winter seasonal color women


Warehouse black dress, $135 / Precis Petite black jacket, $61 / Lanvin black pumps, $400 / Lulu Townsend clutch, $35 / Swarovski drop earrings, $100 / Miadora diamond ring, $95 / Miadora sterling silver and ruby bracelet, $89 / AGOGOA striped belt, $75



Why the Deep Winter (Winter-Autumn) outfit works well?

Colors: black, oxblood, hot pink and silver – all are in your color palette and these are pretty analogous colors
Style: dramatic and natural so bold and casual
  • the black dress with its silver embellishment is a real statement
  • the deep oxblood bolero is quite variable and a basic item
  • the two-toned pumps are truly nice and bold, typical Winter design
  • the clutch reflects on the jewelry while the belt matches with the pumps
  • the jewelry is silver, casual and pops the outfit
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