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  1. This site has been so helpful. I've struggled for a long time trying to figure out why some pieces of clothing never look quite right on me or where, exactly, my coloring fits into all of these palettes.

    Firstly, I struggled most because I assumed I was cool. My veins look teal when I look under my wrists and I'm a brunette with unusual hazel eyes and very fair skin. All my life, I've been told I look like a porcelain doll, my own siblings would say it, I had a mother and her kids at an old workplace buy me a little porcelain doll that they said looked like me. I always assumed "porcelain", which is the foundation name that matches my skin color perfectly, was cool even though I later learned it was more neutral, leaning warm (which would make sense out of my veins looking teal under my wrists).

    My eyes are a very unusual hazel, a mix of light green and gold sunbursts with a distinctive, olive green line around my irises. My hair is a medium to dark golden brown, though in Summer it gets almost honey colored and as a child, it was much lighter.

    I checked every, other season but "Spring", assuming that season was mostly for blondes and redheads, wondering why all the "Autumn", "Winter" and even "Summer" colors looked so dusty and bleak on me. The rich colors of "Autumn", the season I assumed I had to be as a brunette that wasn't cool, just sucked the color out of my face and hair until I felt like a display hanger, simply showing off these deep, richly colored clothes.

    The dusty berry and blue washed colors of the cool seasons made me look like death. Then finally, I searched some more and realized when I looked the best: In what I called "weird color combos". Orange and teal or purple and light green. Coral and red. Dark orange and yellow. Red and bright blue. Yellow and warm pink. I might be the only person I know who looks truly great in lime green. Maroon can be bland until I put a bright red or light orange next to it.

    I've always been able to pull-off what usually looks like carnival colors (the primary and tertiary colors, plus warm pinks and coral) on many other people but these bright, warm colors look right on me. That's when I realized that my odd yellow and light green mixed eyes are probably what's defined as "topaz" or "light hazel" and that I'm probably a "Clear" or "Warm" Spring. I tried dressing predominantly in the palette and suddenly, it was like someone turned the light on behind my face and hair. I glow in every picture now, I get compliments many times more than I used to. Thank you so much for all your hard work and for sharing it with us! This site has cleared up a great deal of lifelong frustration for me.

    I'd also say to people who went through the same experience, never write off a seasonal palette as an impossible fit, before you've even investigated what it covers. There are always people who don't look like the typical season fit, yet may still fit somewhere in that season's spectrum. I initially wrote off my actual season because I assumed certain things about it.

  2. Ohh these are really great! Nicely done. Do you have bigger pictures of this? I would like to see where the thick necklace of the warm spring is from…(with the blue/aqua beads) because I was looking for it, for a while now! If you have a blogspot, you can upload bigger pictures by draft.blogger.com! (If you upload something you can select: XL I have a blog too, that's why) Thanks!

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