I am waiting for spring – the blooming trees, the sweet smell of flowers, the singing of birds and lots of sunshine. Until it comes, hopefully in one or two weeks, I keep looking at pictures of floral items.


In this post, I collected some photos of wallpapers. Don’t think about just pink and romantic ones, just take a look at my little collection. OK, I choose a great colorful one first, but then… 🙂

awesome pink and blue floral print wallpaper
The same blue and grey wallpaper have been used in a living room and in a kitchen. I think it fits well in both rooms.
pretty modern grey and blue floral print wallpaper
pretty modern grey and blue floral print wallpaper


A huge, modern and black and white. It looks like a big drawing has been made by a giant Stabilo felt pen, so cool.


gorgeous black and white floral print wallpaper


An amazing and artistic one. The added bedding and green rug seem to be so soft and cozy.


beautiful and artistic purple and green floral print wallpaper
An unusual color combination with an unusual floral print but with the furniture, it’s simply gorgeous.
perfect modern black, white, green and orange floral print wallpaper
And finally, a lovely nostalgic wallpaper that reminds me of an old botanical book illustration.
nostalgic, vintage botanical floral print wallpaper

You can find some more wallpapers in my Pinterest board. Feel free to check it 🙂



You can get the original sources of the pictures by clicking on them and again in the new window.