Radiant Orchid color shades fit great for men as well but they also have to observe the same rule as women:
  • with cool colors (brown or ashy hair, grayish eyes): choose an awesome jacket, shirt or scarf;
  • with warm colors (golden blonde or brown hair, green or brown eyes): wear Radiant Orchid as a tie, pocket square, pants or belt.


On the following photos, I show you some great outfits with this trendy color. If you’re not daring enough to wear a kind of purple on its own match it with black, gray, blue or light brown. They will look sophisticated and elegant together. 


radiant orchid tie with purple pocket square and plaid grey jacket


radiant orchid tie and shirt with grey striped jacket


radiant orchid tie with grey jacket and pocket flowers


radiant orchid jacket with radiant orchid plaid tie


radiant orchid tie with navy jacket and plaid shirt


radiant orchid tie with purple pocket square and black jacket


radiant orchid tie with radiant orchid tuxedo jacket


radiant orchid jacket and shirt with black pants and vest


radiant orchid sweater with black jacket


radiant orchid sweater for men


radiant orchid pants with grey jacket and navy scarf


radiant orchid pants with plaid dark jacket


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