For my Facebook page, I collected outfit ideas with sweaters for each seasonal color palettes. These colorful and knitted basic pieces will make you cozy and warm every fall day.
I share outfit tips on my Facebook page so it’s worth to follow to see everyday outfits with great color combinations that fit your seasonal colors and style.
So let’s see the round-up with these pretty and stylish looks with sweaters.


Outfit ideas for Springs


As you may know, the colors of the Spring seasons are light and warm.
The Light Spring shades are pale and fresh, the Warm Spring shades are more golden while the Clear Spring colors are more vivid.
The style of Springs is romantic with a lovely and feminine look.
The look for Light Springs:
Lovely outfit with cream knitted sweater and plaid skirt for Light Spring women
The outfit for Warm Springs:
Chic and bohemian fall look with olive knitted sweater, hat and brown coat for Warm Spring women


The outfit for Clear Springs:

Chic and casual fall outfit with knitted sweater, navy vest and jeans for Clear Spring women



Outfit ideas for Summers

The colors of the Summer seasons are light and pastel, lovely candy colors.
The Light Summer shades are pale and cool, the Soft Summer shades are more muted while the Cool Summer colors are moderately vivid.
The style of Summer is classic with a chic and elegant look.


The look for Light Summers:

Pretty fall outfit with knitted blue sweater and skirft for Light Summer women


The outfit for Soft Summers:

Muted and cozy outfit with knitted sweater and jeans for Soft Summer women


The look for Cool Summers:

Casual fall look with gray knitted sweater and jeans for Cool Summer women


Outfit tips for Autumns

The colors of the Autumn seasons are warm and golden.
The Warm Autumn shades are yellowish and rich, the Soft Autumn shades are muted while the Deep Autumn colors are darker.
The style of Autumns is natural with a casual and informal look.


The outfit for Warm Autumns:

Pretty fall outfit with olive sweater and skirt for Warm Autumn women


The look for Soft Autumns:

Soft and chic fall outfit with neutral knitted sweater for Soft Autumn women


The outfit for Deep Autumns:

Casual fall look with brown knitted sweater for Deep Autumn women


Outfit ideas for Winters


The colors of the Winter seasons are cool and clear.
The Clear Winter colors are cool and vivid, the Cool Winter shades are paler while the Deep Winter shades are richer.
The style of Winters is dramatic with a modern and bold look.


The outfit for Clear Winters:

Pretty fall outfit with green knitted sweater, checked blouse and white coat for Clear Winter women


Note: the statement necklace is really nice but would be better in silver or rose gold for Clear Winters


The look for Cool Winters:

Classic black and white fall look with white knitted sweater, black coat, pants and white pumps for Cool Winter women


The look for Deep Winters:

Casual fall look with white knitted sweater, plaid shirt and jeans for Deep Winter women


Do you know your seasonal color palette? Would you wear the outfit idea with your seasonal colors? Tell me in a comment!

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