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My interest in colors started when I was a teenager. I collected many articles and test results that made me a better understanding of my personality and improve my fashion knowledge. 

In the middle of the 1990s I borrowed a book, written by Mary Spillane: The Complete Style Guide, that changed my mind about clothing. This was the time when I first met the seasonal color analysis and the ‘Color Me Beautiful’ system. I realized that I was a Winter type so I stopped wearing light brown and pale colors. I reorganized my wardrobe and bought some dark: black, greys, navy blue or dark brown and vivid: red, green, purple or pink clothes. Soon I imagined myself working as an image and color consultant. In February 2013, I applied a training to make my dream come true 🙂 I received my certificate in May after a ten-week long course.

So what does seasonal color analysis exactly mean?

In the 1930s, Johannes Itten, an art teacher of Bauhaus, examined his students’ color usage and techniques. He found that the young artists preferred those colors, which matched their appearance. After his discovery, he created color palettes and named them after each seasons in his published book, The Elements of Color. As nature creates beautiful and harmonious colors, people also have a type of coloring that is most similar to one of these seasonal palettes. People’s palettes appear on their faces as a combination of hair, eyes and skin colors. 
Learn more about the Spring seasonal color palettes    Learn more about the Summer seasonal color palettes
The Spring seasonal palettes are light, vivid and warm.   The Summer seasonal palettes are light, muted and cool.
Learn more about the Autumn seasonal palettes   Learn more about the Winter seasonal color palettes
The Autumn seasonal palettes are deep, muted and warm.   The Winter seasonal palette is deep, vivid and cool.


In 1982 (the year when I was born :)), Carol Jackson published her book – Color Me Beautiful to ‘Discover Your Natural Beauty Through The Colors That Make You Look Great & Feel Fabulous!’. This book was a great milestone. Millions of women started to change their look and gained more confidence by wearing their own and amazing colors. 


Because when you wear your perfect colors, you look marvelous and vital. Your skin and hair are full of life and your eyes shine. Everybody notice you not your clothes. However, when you wear a wrong color, your hair and skin look grayish and your eyes dull. It seems that your body and head live a separate life. 
If you think you don’t fit any of the seasons, don’t worry because everybody does and throughout my posts you will find yours 🙂
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How can you identify your color palette?

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How can you reorganise your wardrobe?

Style tips for how to put an awesome outfit together

Coco Chanel quote, best colors


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