Which color is better for these lovely celebrities: the original color of their dress or some other shades? - color analysis by Golden Globe 2015 dresses
As I promised in my previous post, some of my favorite celebrities chose awesome gowns but not in their perfect colors for the red carpet of the Golden Globes 2015
You may know I love colors and especially playing with them so it was joyful to create these photos for this post. I hope you will like them too 🙂
As I browsed the galleries of the red carpet arrivals I noticed that more warm coloring actresses wore cooler colors than otherwise.
Honestly I had four big surprises and the first is award winner Amy Adams. She usually wears great colors that fit her definitely light and warm look. But not this year… her outstanding and glamorous Atelier Versace dress was light grey blue that is a classic and power color for Summer women. It was too greyish for her lovely red hair and peachy skin tone. 
Look at the photo below and the more warm blue shades on her. I prefer the soft turquoise or the warm blue dress the most, however the classic navy color -that she wore earlier, for example last year on the SAG Awards- is much better than the original shade. 
As I see the warmer blue colors make her eyes more stunning and her cheeks and lips look more alive.
Amy Adams' Golden Globe 2015 Atelier Versace dress in different colors

I really like Diane Kruger’s style and she always wears pretty and interesting pieces but I wasn’t satisfied with her silver dress this year. I’ve classified her as a Clear Spring before, sometimes I see her more like a Light Spring, but she has rather warm colors than cool. This dress would look great on Naomi Watts or Cate Blanchett even on Reese Witherspoon who wore a similar colored shiny frock.
The style of this Emilia Wickstead dress is certainly classy and elegant but I think it would be better on her in a light gold or a colorful shade.
For me both, the gold and the soft red dress makes her hair and face glowing and maybe a colorful lipstick could put more life into her look.
Diane Kruger's Golden Globe 2015 Emilia Wickstead dress in different colors

I had the same problem with one of my fave actress, nominee Julianne Moore’s Givenchy Couture gown. She absolutely owns the sparkling and dramatic design but the silver color separates her from the dress. 
I’ve chose a darker and a lighter gold color shade to show the difference. I think both colors make her look more fabulous. With the deeper golden dress her skin tone shines with the dress and her hair color looks more radiant.
Julianne Moore's Golden Globe 2015 Givenchy dress in different colors

And my last so called disappointment was Naomi Watts. I adore her style too and she most of the time wears her pretty, summer candy colors or rather a deep cool shade but this bright yellow Gucci dress with the strong red lips absolutely overwhelm her delicate look. 
No need to mention that the design of the dress is perfect, classy and glamorous and the sparking necklace is brilliant but the color shade… hmm.
On the first version, I just add a lovely pink lipstick to her and only with this little change the dress doesn’t seem so harsh to me. Then I colored her dress for a lighter and cooler yellow shade and let her red lips stay the same. I think it’s also a good option, isn’t it? But the last outfit is my dearest with the light pink lips and the cool yellow shade.
Naomi Watt's Golden Globe 2015 Gucci dress in different colors
And remember Leslie Mann’s similar style from my best dressed post yesterday? She’s a lovely Autumn woman and look how this same color combination fits her much better than the Light Summer Naomi Watts.
Leslie Mann's look at the Golden Globes 2015

And here comes another Summer lady, our beloved Jennifer Aniston. To be honest, I don’t like very much when she wears black dresses or outfits because she has a more delicate look with her Soft Summer seasonal color palette.
Her Saint Laurent frock was undoubtedly right for her, it was elegant and casual as a Soft Summer dress should be look like. So I softened the black into charcoal and light grey. Her eyes look more vivid with these shades and finally with the plum color her whole face comes into life even her soft, medium rosy lips. What do you think?

Jennifer Aniston's Golden Globe 2015 Saint Laurent dress in different colors

Kate Beckinsale looked wonderful on the red carpet. I especially liked her bun and make-up. I would only change the silvery bib on her pretty Elie Saab Couture gown.
Look how the rich gold sparkling part makes her face more glamorous. Her lips and cheeks seem to be more warm and splendid.

Kate Beckinsale's Golden Globe 2015 Elie Saab dress in different color

I was very happy when I’ve read that Downton Abby had received nominations for the Golden Globe and I was excited to see my favorite actresses on the red carpet. One of them is lovely Laura Carmichael who is certainly a warm woman, probably a Warm Autumn or Warm Spring however she usually wears winter colors -black or black and white- on the red carpets and grey-black smoky eyes. I don’t really understand the latter make-up style because she has so beautiful warm brown eyes that could be more pretty with brown or bronze contour. 
In her role as Lady Edith at Downton Abbey, she mostly put on the right colors and I’ve read that her personal style is much different but I would love to see her in more warm shades. So I colored her black James Galanos dress into turquoise, darker gold and light warm red. I think all the shades make her look more beautiful and radiant.

Laura Carmichael's James Galanos Golden Globes 2015 dress in different colors

And finally, here is long time no see cute Calista Flockhart. I was happy that I spotted her but this awesome Raoul gown is too white for her not to mention the pretty silvery collar.
She is probably a Soft Autumn woman so her best colors are warm and muted. Again, the style of her gown is perfect, it’s natural and classic at the same time but it would be much better in a soft color like cream, light moss green or soft orange. I also colored her glamorous collar into a little bit more warm shade.
I think the cream and the green version also fits her very well however the soft orange is the best. This color shade makes her cheeks, lips and hair glowing.
Calista Flockhart's Raoul Golden Globes 2015 dress in different colors

I would love to hear your opinion so don’t hesitate to comment 🙂