Understanding the seasonal color system can be a little bit complicated at first sight but don’t worry, I will help you to find your perfect colors

I’ve read many books and articles on seasonal color analysis and according to my studies, I think these steps are useful and effective to find your best colors and reorganize your wardrobe


Benefits of finding your best colors


Shopping will be easier and more fun as well as you can save money and time! You don’t need to try on the wrong shades or buy clothes that you will never wear.

Your wardrobe will have the right color shades that you can mix and match quickly and smoothly so you’ll always look great in your outfits.

Not to mention the confidence you will gain from knowing that the color you are wearing flatters and suits you perfectly so you will adore yourself when you look into the mirror.


So let’s see how to analyze yourself:


1. Call your best friend and ask her to help you – it’s good because she can be objective and you can compare your characteristics to her too
2. Before she arrives, take a look at your wardrobe and make a list of the colors you see

3. Write some marks next to them like – love this shade, only like, so-so or never use

4. Try to collect the following colors are made of textiles – any kind of, so it could be a top, a scarf or a towel, in the last resort a piece of paper:
Test colors for finding your dominant seasonal color palette: Are you a Spring, a Summer, an Autumn or a Winter woman?

5. When your friend arrives, give her a nice welcome drink and then make your face make-up free
6. Find a nice day lighted place and put a mirror in front of you. And the fun part begins 🙂

Note: When you wear your perfect colors, you look marvelous and vital. Your skin and hair are full of life and your eyes shine. Everybody notice you not your clothes.  However, when you wear a wrong color, your hair and skin look grayish or yellowish and your eyes dull. It seems that your body and head live a separate life. 


7. Close your eyes for some seconds. When you open your eyes, what characteristic you notice first?

Do you have light blonde or red hair, delicate eyes and peachy skin? – Spring
Do you have dark hair, dark or clear eyes, and ivory skin?  – Winter
Do you have warm brown or red hair, warm eyes, and golden skin tone? – Autumn
Do you have ‘mousy’ hair (or was before you dyed it), grayish colored eyes and rosy skin? – Summer

8. After the first impression, test the collected colors next to your face – which are best for you? 
If you have cool characteristics warm colors will sallow your face or if your dominant colors are warm cool tones will make you grayish.

9. Now, you know your dominant seasonal palette but here is a chart for a better decision:
Summary chart about the four dominant seasons: Are you a Spring, a Summer, an Autumn or a Winter woman?


10. OK, you have completed the first difficult test. Yippee 🙂


11. Check out this chart too about the best and worst colors for each main seasonal palettes:

Summary chart about the best and worst colors for the main seasonal palettes

Now, dive into the details because there are 12 seasonal palettes. Therefore, in the next steps, I will help you to determine your secondary color palette

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