As I see, there are more and more men who pay attention to their style and wardrobe choices nowadays. Being well-dressed is take time and effort but it’s absolutely worth because you can be more confident and handsome or look younger.  

Find your best colors with seasonal color analysis men's edition by

Your #bestcolors can make your life much easier ‒you can buy more colors not just black or brown, you can spend less time with shopping and you can create great and matching outfits.

Colors only can’t create great style but it’s essential to know which colors complement your overall look so the #seasonalcoloranalysis system could be a great friend for you as well. 

What does seasonal color mean?

You can read more in this post but here is the most important part:

As nature creates beautiful and harmonic colors, people also have a type of coloring that is most similar to one of these #seasonalpalettes. People’s palettes appear on their faces as a combination of hair, eyes and skin colors. 

So no, your seasonal colors aren’t related to your birthday 🙂 
As women, men also have different kind of complexion in their skin tone, color of hair and eyes. Therefore, a warm and light Spring men can look dull in a black or grey suit as well as a chocolate brown coat makes Summers sick or pale. 

How to find your colors? 

First, you have to find your dominant season.

Close your eyes for some seconds. When you open your eyes, what characteristic you notice first in the mirror?

Do you have light blonde hair, delicate eyes and peachy skin? – Spring
Do you have dark hair, dark or clear eyes and ivory skin?  – Winter
Do you have warm brown hair, warm eyes and golden skin tone? – Autumn
Do you have ‘mousy’ hair, grayish colored eyes and rosy skin? – Summer

Springs and Autumns are so called warm seasons while Winters and Summers are cool so the best colors can be also warm or cool.

Warm colors have yellow or gold undertone for example brown, olive green, khaki, mustard.
Cool colors have blue or grey undertone for example purple, grey blue or pink.

When you wear your perfect colors, you look handsome and vital. Your skin and hair are full of life and your eyes shine. Everybody notice you not your clothes. 
However, when you wear a wrong color, your hair and skin look grayish or yellowish and your eyes dull. It seems that your body and head live a separate life.

Are you interested in Color Theory? Learn more about colors.


I suggest to ask your girlfriend/wife or one of your friend to help you testing your colors.

1. Try to collect the following colors are made from textiles – any kind of, so it could be a shirt, a scarf or a towel, in the last resort a piece of paper:

Test colors for finding your dominant seasonal color palette: Are you a Spring, a Summer, an Autumn or a Winter man?

2. Find a nice day lighted place and put a mirror in front of you. And the fun part begins 🙂

3. Test the collected colors next your face –which are best for you? If you have cool characteristics, warm colors will sallow your face but if your dominant colors are warm, cool tones will make you grayish.

4. Now, you know your dominant seasonal palette but here is a chart for a better decision:

Seasonal Color Analysis summary chart for men

After you find out your dominant season you can work well with your colors to build a great and colorful wardrobe.

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Do you need help to find your colors? Are you not sure of your seasonal color palette? Try my free seasonal color quiz or be absolutely certain and order a professional color analysis.