Easter is at the corner so I collected a couple of last minute gift ideas for you. 
In this first post, I show you some colorful tips that you can give your Spring seasonal color friend. Their colors are light, warm and vivid so the little surprises should also have these shades. 
For a fashionable gift, you can choose soft pink, beige, nude or light brown eyeshadows, coral or soft red lipstick and cheerful nail polish. The perfumes smell like the spring air ‒ a great mixture of thousands of flowers,  fresh wind or a light citrus scent.

And the main characteristics of Spring jewelry are gold or rose gold and a little bit romantic.


Gift ideas for Spring seasonal color women under 50USD
List of the items:
Marc Jacobs nude lipstick-warm nude pink, $30 / Paul Joe eyeshadow-April in Paris, $34 /  Paul Joe nail polish – Perroquet Rose, $16 / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics nail polish – Golden Beige, $18
Tommy Hilfiger fragrance, $49 / Nest Fragrances perfume fragrance, $48
Kate Spade earrings, $50 / Dorothy Perkins ring, $11 / Annabella Bib necklace, $20


☙ ❧


If you friend prefers home decoration items, also choose a light and fresh colored product. For example, you can buy a vanilla or rose scent candle or soap, a lovely polka dot cup, a feminine and shabby chic candle holder or a floral napkin ring. 


Home decor gift ideas for Spring seasonal color women under 50USD  

List of the items:
Global Amici Sorora Water pitcher, $25 / Wedgwood bone china, $36 /  Pier 1 Imports napkin ring, $3,16 
ElizabethW home fragrance, $25 / White Cabana Stripe Notebook, $18
H&M unscented candle, $7 / Rosemary in Burlap home decor, $11 / Heather Swanepoel Box Of Flowers Soaps, $28



Tomorrow I will show you gift tips for Summer women.



Are you or your friend is a Light, a Warm or a Clear Spring?


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