Strapless dress, $181 / Chesca black top, $205 / Nine West pointy toe pumps, $31 / Furla purple purse, $367 / Blue Nile purple earrings, $99 / Zad silver pendant, $28 / Cuff bracelet, $15

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As I wrote in the earlier posts, Radiant Orchid is a cool color so cool seasonal color women – Summers and Winters – can wear it on its own till warm seasonal color women – Springs and Autumns – should wear only as an add-color and not next to their face. 
I created these – and the future – #outfit ideas with this concept so everyone who loves purple can enjoy this awesome and trendy color. 
So Cool Summers (Summer-Winter) and Cool Winters (Winter-Summer) have also icy coloring so they can wear the Radiant Orchid color shades perfect. For Cool Summers’ outfit I used these ombre violet dress that love till for Cool Winters’ outfit I choose this pretty color block dress.  
chic and elegant outfit idea with Radiant Orchid for Cool Winter

Pied a Terre black dress, $55 / Moschino Cheap Chic cotton blazer, $354 / Jerome C. Rousseau purple shoes, $310 / Sorial purple purse, $25 / Vernier bangle bracelet watch, $55 / AZ Collection clip on earrings, $148 / Sterling silver ring, $180 / 

Are you looking for fresh, unique and awesome fashion outfit tips? In this post, I will show you style ideas you can easily fit into your wardrobe. Trendy, fresh, dramatic and classic #outfit ideas with #Pantone color of the year #RadiantOrchid for Cool Summer and Cool Winter seasonal color women.