You are a Summer man if your dominant characteristics are cool, ashy and delicate.


Summer seasonal color men with celebrity examples



Conor McLain /  Judson Scott / Daniel Craig
Kevin Costner / Jude Law
Paul Walker  / Patrick Dempsey / Sir Anthony Hopkins


• • •

Your hair: light ash blonde or brown, light or medium ash brown, gray, silver

Your skin: cool and light with rosy or blue undertone, porcelain, fair, light beige, medium beige

Your eyes: light gray-blue or green, soft blue, hazel

Your best colors: cool, soft and light

soft white, charcoal gray, medium gray, dove gray, light gray, light blue, gray-blue, sky blue, violet-blue, royal blue, turquoise, mint, petrol green, light yellow, light pink, light purple, dark purple, raspberry red

Your basic neutral colors: soft white, light gray, charcoal gray, navy (first row)


Color palette for Summer seasonal color men


Use your basic colors for coats, suits and essential clothes because these shades work well with all colors or may be worn together.

Avoid: every warm and dark shade – black, dark brown, orange, mustard yellow, olive green

Your jewelry: silver, white gold, platinum

Your style: basically classic with romantic, natural or dramatic elements

More famous Summer men: Jake Gyllenhaal, Daniel Craig, Bradley Cooper, John Slattery, Ryan Phillippe, Donald Sutherland, Mark Harmon, Hugh Laurie, Harrison Ford, John Savage, Leonardo DiCaprio

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