Autumn seasonal color palette description for men by
Autumn seasonal color men

Ryan Kwanten / Eddie Redmayne / Heath Legder

Seann William Scott / Hugh Dancy

Ryan Rynolds / Jeffrey Dean Morgan / Theo James

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You are an Autumn man if your dominant characteristics are warm, rich and golden. 
Your hair: medium or dark golden blonde or brown or red, copper, auburn or dark warm brown

Your skin: warm with golden undertone: beige, ivory, bronze, caramel, warm olive and may have freckles

Your eyes: soft blue, warm green, warm hazel or light to dark warm brown

Your best #colors: warm, rich and medium
cream, beige, camel, mustard yellow, medium and dark brown, warm red, orange, rusty red, navy, soft blue, dark turquoise, teal, olive green, pine green, khaki

Your basic neutral colors: cream, camel, chocolate brown, navy (first row)

Note: Use
your basic colors for coats, suits and essential clothes because these
shades work well with all colors or may be worn together.

Avoid: every cool and light shades – black, grey, puple, burgundy, pink
color palette for Autumn seasonal color men

Your jewellery: gold, bronze, copper

Your style: basically natural with classic, romantic or dramatic elements

More famous Autumn men: Christian Bale, Len Wiseman, Rod Stewart, Sean Bean, David Beckham,  Jim Carrey, Winsor Harmon, Enique Ilisias, Jim Belushi, Michael C. Ball

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