Spring seasonal color palette description for men by 30somethingurbangirl.com

Spring Seasonal Color Men

Owen Wilson / Kevin McKidd / Derek Hough
Simon Baker / Seth Green

Nick Carter / Brian Robinson  / Neal McDonough

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You are a Spring man if your dominant characteristics are light, warm and peachy. 
Your hair: light golden blonde or brown, strawberry blond, light red, copper or light auburn

Your skin: warm and light with golden undertone, ivory, peachy, may have freckles

Your eyes: light blue or green, warm hazel or light brown

Your best #colors: warm, soft and light
cream, beige, camel, light and mustard yellow, light and medium brown, warm red, orange, light orange, peach, coral, warm pink, navy, soft blue, turquoise, light olive green, light green

Your basic neutral colors: cream, camel, brown, navy (first row)

Note: Use your basic colors for coats, suits and essential clothes because these shades work well with all colors or may be worn together.

Avoid: every dark and cool shades – black, dark brown, grey, puple, burgundy

Color Palette for Spring Men

Your jewellery: gold, light bronze, light copper

Your style: basically romantic with classic, natural or dramatic elements

More famous Spring men: Paul Bettany, Ben Foster, Robert Redford, Aaron Eckhart, Prince Harry, Seth Green, Prince William, Michael Fassbender, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling

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