The Easter holiday is at the corner so I collected and share a couple of ideas and inspiring photos about decoration, Easter wrapping, eggs, outfit ideas and of course outfit tips in the next days.


For today post, I collected and show you pretty Easter wrapping ideas. I really like the tip of recycling egg cartons and fill them with cupcake treats but I also find the Easter bunny wrapping tips cute. You can just make some big ears or draw the face of the bunny -both are lovely and creative.


You can also use textile bunny bags so after the holiday’s kids can hold little treasures in them 🙂


cute Easter bunny bags for treats


cute and easy Easter bunny ears bag wrapping


lovely Easter treats wrapping with bunny shape


lovely Easter bunny fruit bags wrapping


Easter wrapping with brown bag and lace


solid and easy Easter wrapping idea with gift tag


beautiful pink Easter wrapping with flowers from egg box


colorful and pretty Easter treats wrapping from egg box


pretty Easter gift wrapping from egg carton


Easter treats in little jars with cute gift tags


cute cotton bags for Easter treats


Easter wrapping with cute textile bunny bags



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